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“Compensation and Benefits is so broad that I am not sure where to start.”
“We have tried different Compensation and Benefits Strategies, but they did not achieve the expected results.”
Employee Rewards continues to be a problem area for many organizations globally owing to changing economies, laws, cultures, industry best practices, and emerging trends within human resources. Few organizations report satisfaction in their Compensation and Benefits despite continued investment.

We focus on Compensation and Benefits Strategy,
So that you can focus on business.

haller atlas allows you to focus on your core business by providing specialist research and consultation to optimize following key areas:

Compensation and Benefits

Performance Management


Organizational Structure

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For organizations that require further support with their Compensation and Benefits Strategy, haller atlas also provides consultation services using the Atlas Rewards Framework™.

The Atlas Rewards Framework™

Given the complexity of Compensation and Benefits Strategy, we developed a 5-step framework that makes use of our expertise in employee rewards to develop solutions that work for your organization as follows:

1. Discovery

The first step is to identify where we currently are, where we want to go and why we want to go there. This creates an understanding of the challenges at hand and provides a measure of success.

2. Exploration

Next, we qualify and quantify the observations made during the discovery stage. This involves conducting a root-cause analysis, understanding the context that the business operates in (company culture, company policies and practices, industry practices and legal standards), and identifying any potential gaps, assumptions or practices that could affect the quality of the proposed solutions.

3. Conception

Then, we develop possible solutions by taking advantage of our extensive knowledge and experience in Compensation and Benefits Strategy, as well as the extensive knowledge and experience of the organization in its operational history.

4. Validation

Thereafter, we verify the applicability of the proposed solutions using the findings from the exploration stage, in additional to the use of data analytics, modelling, forecasting and extensive stakeholder consultation.

5. Implementation

The last step is to operationalize the validated solution while taking into account standard procedures and practices in the planning and administration of Compensation and Benefits Strategies.
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